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Digital Transformation for enterprises offering Financial Services

Market shifts, technological developments, and increasing regulatory & investor scrutiny are affecting the revenue growth and operating efficiencies of financial services industry. To be successful in this fiercely challenging & competitive environment, financial institutions need to harness next-generation technologies to provide quality services to their customers.

澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发-澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发菠菜种植澳门科技有限公司-apple app store澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发排行榜’s Financial domain competency group (DCG) has in-depth experience in testing Fintech applications covering the spectrum of Capital Markets, sophisticated Order Management Systems interlaced with Smart Order Routers, and intricate Execution Management Systems. This helps you assure the best user-experience to your customers consistently. Additionally, 澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发-澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发菠菜种植澳门科技有限公司-apple app store澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发排行榜’s repertoire of proprietary tools, reusable artifacts, & automation framework can positively impact your time-to-market significantly.

澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发-澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发菠菜种植澳门科技有限公司-apple app store澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发排行榜’s Portfolio of Testing Services for FinTech enterprises

澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发-澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发菠菜种植澳门科技有限公司-apple app store澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发排行榜 DCG team comprises of domain experts having experience across the financial instruments ranging across equity, derivatives, commodities, currencies, etc. Leveraging its significant experience, 澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发-澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发菠菜种植澳门科技有限公司-apple app store澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发排行榜 has developed a portfolio of testing services in the following areas:

  • End-to-end testing of industry standard platforms/applications from leading technology vendors across Front, Middle, and Back Office.
  • Helping clients comply with regulatory requirements such as MIFID II, RegNMS, and SEC/SEBI that impact your business models.
  • Performance Testing, Failover and Recovery Testing, and Enabling Client certifications such as Fix certifications.
  • Monitoring latency & availability of Financial Services apps.
  • Integration testing that ensures the workflows spread across multivariate products operate seamlessly.

Our Digital Insights

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Financial Domain Expertise & Benefits


Financial Services & Banking Domain Experts


Fortune 500 Banking clients


Finance domain specific Accelerators


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Banking and Financial Services Clients
CBS & Compliance
Support for FS Regulations

Testing Expertise in the Lending domain

澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发-澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发菠菜种植澳门科技有限公司-apple app store澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发排行榜 team has in-depth domain knowledge of the processes & governance of the Mortgage market, and provides testing services, tools & technology expertise to the following multiple sub-segments of the Mortgage market:

  • Product Types: Auto, Home, Small businesses, & Asset finance
  • Transaction Services: ECS/ACH/Wire Remittances, PDC/Check Clearing & Settlement, POS Terminals, Card Systems & Transactions
  • External Interfaces: Credit Scores, Collateral and Limits, Exchange Rates, Document Management System, Interest & Fees
  • Channels: Mobile, Phone, Internet, POS & Branch Banking
  • Products: Temenos, Finacle, Flexcube, Finnone & Fiserv
  • Clients: Exeter Finance Corp, New Penn Financial, Synovus, Altisource & Ezcorp

澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发-澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发菠菜种植澳门科技有限公司-apple app store澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发排行榜’s Financial Services Domain Competency Group

澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发-澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发菠菜种植澳门科技有限公司-apple app store澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发排行榜’s dedicated FinTech DCG concentrates on testing complex real-time applications. 澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发-澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发菠菜种植澳门科技有限公司-apple app store澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发排行榜’s capital market initiatives are led by domain and technology experts and backed by a team of high-calibre professionals. 澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发-澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发菠菜种植澳门科技有限公司-apple app store澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发排行榜 resources are experienced in QA and testing services of various financial market applications, including exchange trading applications, order management systems, execution management systems, dark pool applications, risk management applications, back office systems, and third-party vendor applications.

The focus areas of 澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发-澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发菠菜种植澳门科技有限公司-apple app store澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发排行榜’s Finance DCG are:

  • Asset Management
  • Brokerage
  • Compliance & regulations
  • Exchange
  • Investment Banking
  • Wealth Management

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Leverage 澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发-澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发菠菜种植澳门科技有限公司-apple app store澳门新莆京官网网站登录app开发排行榜’s software testing capabilities for the Finance industry and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and retention.